Monday, January 4, 2010

New Mouth

Well, the first day back to school, and Monday, are both finished. It was a nice day back. I was happy to see my students, and my friends. It sounds like everyone had a very nice break. I came home at lunch to check on Maya, and let her pee-which she did twice! It was so funny. While I was waiting for her to do her business, she was racing around the yard like a crazy dog, tail wagging. I guess she would catch a glimpse of something behind her (her tail) and she would stop, swing her head back, and look for it. Hysterical. It was her own tail she was trying to get. I swear that dog cracks me up. Why didn't we get one sooner? She's as fun as the kids!
Here's Quinn's new mouth. He totally skipped the toothless thing. I'm sad about that. Riley had the toothless thing going for him, at this age. It was so freaking CUTE. Of course he couldn't eat anything, except with the side of his mouth, which continued long after his big teeth came in. Although I am disappointed that Quinn's big teeth are already coming in, this is still a pretty cute look.

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cookiedog said...

That's the same little face that makes me anxious to get to work each day. I hope the tooth fairy left him something special.