Thursday, January 7, 2010

Some Random Stuff and an Earthquake

I woke up on time today! Yay! Uneventful morning. We had a safety assembly at school, but if you ask me, the wrong audience was there. They assembly was given to the students, but really all of the parents should have been invited. It's the parents that don't follow the safety rules. It's the same at all schools. Crazy drivers. People crossing the speed bump, instead of the crosswalk. People making u-turns in the middle of the street. People dropping their kids off in the middle of the street. Parents parking in teacher spots, or blocking the entrance/exit, or parked in a fire lane, or in the teacher's lot, or parked in front of a hydrant, or stopping in the wrong place. I can go on and on. We have seen it all. Yep, wrong audience this morning, but hey, I didn't have to teach anyone or answer questions for 15 whole minutes! So we make it to recess. At recess I am in the office, discussing with my principal, the stupid policies regarding our second language learners. All of a sudden...EARTHQUAKE! It shook a little, and then sort of stopped, and then started again. Creepy. Needless to say, recess was cut 5 minutes short, so we could duck and cover the kids. They got their 5 minutes back at the last recess, only too bad for me, because THAT's the recess I had duty! Aw man! Anyway, the earthquake gave the kids something to talk about all day long. When we got back into the classroom, I began searching for the magnitude (4.1 on the Calaveras Fault). I showed them where the epicenter was, and talked about another map I saw that had every earthquake, in the past 7 days, noted with a pin, all over the world. We talked about how we have them every day, but most of them we don't feel. They didn't freak out. They were interested, but then again, they were not alive for the Loma Prieta one!
Anywhoooo, Quinn came home from school earlier this week, with this. He drew it. Cool huh? I am thinking about putting him into some drawing classes, although, perhaps he doesn't need them. He's always been an excellent drawer. Riley can draw too, but doesn't think he can. He has to write a book for the Young Author's contest. He is working on an idea, and it's a good idea. More on that at another time.
This is my great bargain. I went to REI yesterday, to look for a hat. I was checking out the clearance rack when I spied these beauties. They are dansko. I have wanted some dansko shoes, but just can't pull the $110.00 trigger. How much were these, you ask? GREAT question. They were $54.93!! Plus I have the REI member card which gives me a little discount. Awesome find. They are a size 37, which someone told me could be a size 6 or 7. They fit, so I guess they are my size.

In the mail today...this really, really cute candle necklace, from Anthropologie. I get the cute necklace, and I get to save myself 15% on my next, in store, purchase!! Awesome!

Stay tuned tomorrow. It's Family Game Night. Riley had to plan a family activity for scouts. He has planned for us to play Monopoly City (which he got for Christmas), eat Cheez-its, and drink water. We have talked him into letting us have other options for beverages, and we are going to order pizza, for dinner, not that Cheez-its are not completely yummy.

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