Sunday, January 17, 2010

It's Like a Second Saturday!!!

Today was GREAT! It's like a bonus Saturday!! We had puppy school, and then I ran some errands, with everybody else and their uncle. The news kept talking about a big storm, big storm, non-stop rain for an entire week.'s not as much rain as I expected, and probably everyone else out and about today, expected. I went to Jo-Ann's today (along with LOTS of other women) and stood in line for 30 minutes! I think everyone else was looking for something to do, inside, out of the "bad" weather. Perhaps it will rain tomorrow. I don't know. Target was crazy too. Oh well, I came home in time to see the Golden Globes. I like to watch award shows. George Clooney looked GOOD.
Kevin and I had some champagne while watching the Golden Globes.
My puzzle is almost finished (sorry Rachel). I have to get it done so...

I can start the next one. Oh it is just so exciting here! Most exciting of all is that I get to sleep in (again) tomorrow. Yahoooooo!

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