Saturday, January 2, 2010

January 2

My vacation is coming to a mighty quick end. I am both excited to go back, (to see my friends and my students), and dreading it, as I am still so tired. It's a long way to spring break. Oh well, I am sure the normal routine will kick in, and time will fly.

Here's Maya tonight, looking so sweet and innocent. She missed every single time we took her out to potty today, and we are outside with her every half hour. She has done her business in the house all damn day. She is proccupied with whatever is under our deck, so when we go out, all she wants to do is go under the deck. We got some bitter apple spray to spray around the deck, to try and keep her from crawling under it. It does nothing to stop her. We have many questions for the puppy trainer tomorrow.

See these? I got them at Pier 1, and you know I plan on using them!

I am no longer doing the Word of the Day. I think this year I will try something new, but I am still thinking it through.

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