Saturday, January 9, 2010

The Weekend At Last!

We are at the very beginnings of the baseball season. Quinn had to go for his tryout today-all of the kids get to play, but the coaches are there, watching the kids, and they have a draft. Soon we will find out his team, and practices will be under way. He came home long enough to have a drink, change his clothes, and then he left again to work on his Pinewood Derby car, for scouts. When he got home, we were off again, with Riley this time, to a birthday party. There was a bounce house. Oh how my boys love a bounce house. They didn't use to though. When they were younger, they were terrified of them. It was a nice day.
I spent a lot of time on the couch, with Maya. Here you see her completely passed out. She was even sliding off of the couch, and it didn't wake her up. Look at her little tongue hanging out. I just have to say, "I LOVE this little dog!" Yes, even after she ate my rather expensive shoe. She brings pure joy to us. She is so happy to see us all the time. She loves to cuddle next to someone, and I don't think she peed or pooped in the house at all today. Why didn't we get a dog sooner?

This is the only crafting I did tonight. I got this book for Christmas, from my SIL. I LOVE it! Remember making paper beads as a kid? We used to make them out of wallpaper pieces, when I was in elementary school. This book/kit comes with everything you need to make the beads and string them, and has ideas on how to put them together. The paper is already precut too! I love the little rolling tool as well. This is a book for kids, and if you have girls, I highly recommend it. Super easy, and really cute.

I had dessert for dinner tonight, and then had soup for dessert! Kevin and I went to get yogurt, after a friend's status update on Facebook indicated that she had gotten yogurt. It just sounded really, really good. I had to have some. We went to this new place, Yogurtouille. It's self serve, and sold by weight. You grab a bowl, pick your flavor, add your toppings, pay. I had tart apple and pina coloda-yes, in the same bowl. I added almonds and some wafer cookies. Yum. If you have a Red Mango near you, that's really yummy too-I have had their pumpkin spice yogurt with graham cracker crumbs. I've also had their pomegranate-double yum.

Teri from Let me Think on it, if you are reading this post, I have a fun request of you, but I don't see an email for you. Would like to contact you. :-) It involves Flat Stanley.
My email is juliebeane at yahoo dot com

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