Sunday, July 4, 2010

Calgary Tower and Dinosaurs!

After checking the weather report for the next two days, we decided to do the Calgary Tower this morning, because it looks like it will rain tomorrow. It's raining right now, so we are pretty happy with that decision. We went up in the tower, then we headed to Drumheller, Alberta for the Royal Tyrrell Museum-a museum all about dinosaurs with dinosaur models and lots and lots of fossils. It was really very cool. It took us about an hour and a half to get to the museum. The whole town is decked out in dinosaur.
The Calgary Tower has a sky deck! Isn't this super cool? Riley would not even entertain the idea of walking out on it. Quinn wasn't sure he wanted to, but he did...
and he struck a disco pose!
It was a really clear day! This is downtown Calgary. I have more pictures from the tower. You can find a link to them at the end of this post.
Riley and Quinn and a dinosaur outside the Royal Tyrrell Museum.

The city of Drumheller not only has the coolest museum, but they also have the world's largest dinosaur. Check this guy out! We could have paid $10 to walk up inside the dinosaur, but we opted out of that. It just seemed wrong. We liked the view from the bottom. The boys liked walking/climbing on his foot.

If you are in Calgary, that museum is worth the drive. It's really very interesting. If you want to see a whole bunch of pictures from the Calgary Tower and from the Royal Tyrrell Museum, CLICK HERE.