Friday, July 16, 2010

A Fabulous Friday

Quinn had to return to the dentist this morning for sealants. They tried to put them on Wednesday, after his cleaning, but his mouth was tired already, so we opted to go back and have our regular hygienist do it for Quinn, today. She was quick, and he is all sealed against cavities. I made a trip to Jo-Ann's after I dropped Quinn off at home, and then spent the rest of the afternoon at home.
I made this bracelet, which was inspired by my Stella & Dot bracelet. I am pleased with how it turned out. I got a new beading book, and there were directions in there on how to make it. I am working on a bracelet made with sequins next. I have all kinds of different shaped and colored sequins. There are also directions in my new book.
Quinn and I picked up this game at Toys R Us today. It's Cuponk. It required 3 AAA batteries, and we only had 2, so we made a trip to Target after dinner. Oh, the batteries make the cup light up and make noise WHEN you get the ball inside.
Here's Quinn giving it a try. It's tricky. It's a lot like the college game "Quarters," but without the beer. It comes with cards that have challenges on them. Quinn was quite disappointed that we don't have stairs, as there was a card requiring them. Oh well, someday he can buy a house with stairs.

I also started my Slow Summer Stitching project that I am doing thanks to Artsy-Crafty Babe.
I have only just started. I think I am going to make a pillow out of it when it's finished.

Riley leaves for Scout camp early tomorrow morning. He is pretty excited. We are going to take Quinn to a dog show in Niles, and then he and I leave for Disneyland on Sunday. Whoo hooo!!

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