Tuesday, July 6, 2010

West Edmonton Mall

We hit the mall today. We arrived a little after they opened, at 10 am, and we were there most of the day. I have to say I am a little disappointed with this mall. It's REALLY big, and not easy to get around. It's like they built a regular mall, and then kept adding on. The anchor stores really suck. I was unsuccessful in my shopping. I came away with four books. That's it. I love the Mall of America so much more. It's a racetrack design, with the amusement park in the middle. It's really easy to get around. The stores are better too. WEM had some great stores: Anthropologie, Urban Outfitters, Old Navy, Gap, Apple Store, but I can shop at those stores anytime I want. I was looking for something a little more unique. They didn't even have a "made in Canada" type store. They have TONS of underwear/lingerie stores though, and they are getting a Victoria's Secret. They also have some "LOVE" stores, if you get my meaning-complete with opaque glass to keep young eyes out. Very interesting, but I don't know. I just was unimpressed. The amusement park area was fun, and the sea lion show was pretty good, and the aquarium was ok, but the shopping...not so much. Oh well, we are glad we came, and we got a lot of exercise, but next time, I'm going to the Mall of America.
Quinn, having a blast on the roller coaster.
The boys played mini golf, and had a good time.
The sea lion show was packed. We watched from up above.
Two boys and a moose. There are lemurs to Quinn's right.

We drove to downtown Edmonton, after dinner. We finally found a church with visible church bells, for the scavenger hunt! There were also pigeons-we need a picture with someone feeding pigeons. Kevin tried to feed the dumb birds some bread, but they just looked at him. They probably gobbled it all up as soon as we drove away.

All in all, we enjoyed Canada. It's really a great country. I would definitely come back to Calgary, and I wouldn't mind seeing Banff. We are headed toward home tomorrow. We'll make it to Montana. It will be great to be able to use our phones again.

For the rest of today's pictures, CLICK HERE.

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