Thursday, July 29, 2010

A Jewelry Making Fool

I went to Macy's today for new black capri pants. When I got home, I made some jewelry.
I made these three necklaces. The black one has two vintage earrings attached to it. The green ribbon one has a pendant made from a scrapbook embellishment glued onto filigree. The circle one has a vintage brooch attached to it.
I made two bracelets. One is braided ribbon with charms, and the other is stretchy with purple and silver beads and more circles.

A close up of the pendant.
This one is my favorite.
I LOVE these earrings. I got the pair for $5.00 at an antique shop in town.
Circle necklace.

This brooch is really pretty too.

I am really irritated right now. We have these neighbors, and they have a boy the same age/grade as Riley. When we moved in, before Riley started kindergarten, the boys played together. Their son has always been a little wild, and undisciplined. In 4th grade I had to have a little "chat" with the mother, because the kid turned into quite a bully. It was very dramatic. She knows her kid is manipulative, mean, and an ass. She told me all this herself. We had become friends. Well that friendship died because I spoke the truth. He stopped bullying Riley though. So it's been quiet. We don't speak. Their kid is an ass and the biggest bully I have ever encountered. I've since learned that his parents are too. Bullying is a learned behavior. We had an issue this past school year, with his little sister and Quinn. She said some things about Riley that are not true. It seems she didn't dodge the bully gene either. So tonight, we are sitting here and our doorbell rings. I go to it and nobody is there, but the other neighbor boy (Quinn's friend is on our grass). I asked him what he needed, and he said our bully/ass neighbor and his bully/ass friend rang the bell and ran. Their bikes were on the front lawn. It pissed me off, so I waited until they came outside, with their hands over their mouthes laughing and asked them what they needed. Huh? Huh? That was all I got from the ass. I told him not to ring our bell if he didn't need anything. He blamed his friend, but not real convincingly. I then came inside and sent an email to bully mom. I can't stand that kid. I would not allow my child to do such things, and neither of them would even consider it. I wish these parents could see the path that their child is headed down. They have drugs, violence, and legal matters ahead if them. Oh well, not my problem. I know how to raise my boys.

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