Thursday, July 22, 2010

Disneyland, Our Last Day

Quinn and I stayed at the Castle Inn. It was ok. The internet sucked, the pool was too small, but everything else was ok. It's no Hampton Inn (we are really into Hampton Inn these days), but it served its purpose. It would have been nice if it were a little closer to Disneyland, but we survived-and got lots (and lots) of exercise. We spent Wednesday at Disneyland, heading for home at 1:20 pm. You would think that would be a great time to be on the freeways. Nope. Traffic was red all over the place, and it went on forever (according to my app). I was in the parking lot, AKA Interstate 5. It was just crawling along, so when the exit for 101 came along, I took it. It moved, but was slow through downtown LA, and then in a few parts. It was slow again just after Atascadero-I found out later that Justin Bieber was playing a concert in Fresno last night, so the backup for 46 (to Fresno) was largely due to that. Once I got in the left lane, I flew past everyone trying to go to Fresno. We got home at 10 last night, tired, but happy to be home. Maya was happy to see us as well.
This is our hotel, the Castle Inn and Suites on Harbor Blvd.
This is the real castle at Disneyland-Sleeping Beauty's Castle.
The Finding Nemo ride. We didn't ride it this trip. The lines are amazingly long. If you want to ride it, then you have to do it first thing in the morning, or be prepared to wait an hour-or more.

Michael Jackson???

Quinn and I had a very good time. It was hot (well except for today-it was overcast!), and crowded, and many people are clueless. We got soaked on Pirates of the Caribbean-we may as well have ridden Splash Mountain. We got stuck in the back row of a leaky boat. The seats were a puddle, and there was at least 5 inches of water on the floor. My shoes were soaked, and Quinn sat with his feet up, on the edge of the seat, the duration of the ride. I complained about it to the Disney employee when we got off the ride. We got to see an awesome World of Color show, and we got to spend some quality time together. Now we are anxiously awaiting Riley's return from Scout camp on Saturday.

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