Thursday, July 1, 2010

Yellowstone Bear World-Day 2 Roadtrip

The four of us were up early, and out of Nevada, by 8:45 am! We drove and drove and drove through Idaho. It was rather pretty. Lots of farms and rolling hills, and cool plateaus. We stopped at Yellowstone Bear World, which is near Rexburg, Idaho. Kevin and I had taken Riley there before, about 10 years ago, when we drove to Montana for a wedding. It's a really cool place. You drive your car through and the bears and other wildlife roam "free," nothing separating us from the bears. Awesome.
Quinn looking terrified of the bear.
This guy was walking down the road. We were told not to stop AT ALL in the bear paddock. I had to back up to let this guy pass us. He's so cute and fluffy!
Quinn got to pet a moose! So did Kevin and I! Riley didn't want to. Those antlers felt as fuzzy as they look. This is as close as most will ever get to a moose. His name is Stiltz.
We went through twice! Isn't this guy fuzzy and cute?

Near the gift shop they have snow cones, rides, ice cream, a photo building, a petting zoo, and bear cubs. There were 6 of them, and they were so cute and playful. I zoomed in on this guy. We could have fed them too, for $35 a person. No thanks, I'll just watch others feed them.

We drove through Yellowstone Park on our way to our hotel for tonight. We'll explore the park tomorrow. We are here, in Gardiner, MT for two nights. If you want to see the rest of our pictures, GO HERE.

Oh, and we had to stop 3 times today, for roadwork (the single lane thing again). It's rather annoying.

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