Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Um, Surprise!

We had two important appointments today. First up was Quinn's annual appointment with the endocrinologist at Stanford. The doctor has decided to wait another year, to decide what to do about Quinn's tiny size. Next year he wants to recheck Quinn's growth genes to make sure they are working properly. He talked again about growth hormone injections. I am not wild about that idea. Although there really aren't any risks associated with the injections, I just don't want to change the person that Quinn is. I worry that subjecting him to daily injections would take away his spunk. I don't really want to mess with nature. Right now he's happy in his body. He's healthy, and he's big on personality. Quinn was super excited that he didn't have to leave any of his blood there. Next year. The doctor (and Kevin and I) think he's just a late bloomer. We hope. I know his size doesn't bother him now, but trying to think forward to high school, and girls, he may feel differently. It's confusing. We will worry about it next year. He's grown 6 cm since our last visit, and his weight is proportionate to his height. He's right about the 1% line for height and weight. He's 44.5 inches tall, and he weighs 41.5 lbs.
After the doctor, we zipped over to Valley Fair to get Quinn's Lego pieces. The mall was full of Smart Cars. I LOVE this yellow one! It matches a boy I love.
Next big appointment: Riley's orthodontist appointment. This is the "before" picture I took, and there is no "after," since the ortho did not put braces on. It seems Riley's lower jaw is growing faster than his upper jaw. We knew this already, and the ortho put a palate spreader in, to try and increase the upper jaw. It worked, really well, but the lower jaw is still growing faster, and now the left side is growing faster than the right, so the center point of his teeth, no longer lines up. Braces would not do any good at this point as he may have to have this fixed surgically, when he STOPS growing. So the ortho told us to wait another year (this is a theme for our family today). Next year, if the growth has slowed, he will put full upper and lower braces on to avoid the surgical procedure, but if it grows too fast, no braces then either, and maybe not until Riley enters high school. That's also confusing. Needless to say, Riley was pretty thrilled to leave without braces on his teeth, and I'm pretty happy to look at the braceless smile.

To celebrate our crazy appointment day, we went to Target. While there, we came across this giant dog bone. I wonder how long it would take Maya to chew this thing up? I didn't buy it for her. I thought it would make her sick, as she doesn't know when to stop eating-does any dog? Look at what a sweet smile Riley has!

No appointments tomorrow-whew. I do plan on making a trip to Macy's for nice, black capri pants. Exciting?

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