Sunday, July 11, 2010

Sunday, Relaxing Sunday

Quinn and I didn't leave the house at all today. In fact, he never even got dressed. I at least showered. It was a low-key, come down from vacation day. Riley had a scout thing he had to do for most of the day, and Kevin went to the grocery store, but other than that, not much else was going on. I read, I facebooked, I played Angry Birds, I looked at my Blythe doll pattern, I ordered iPhone 4g cases, Kevin ordered me an iPhone 4g, Quinn played on the computer, we watched iCarly...well, you get it right? It was great.
I even cooked dinner! Chili tacos. This recipe is in my Weight Watchers Cook It Quick! book. It was really easy to make, and it smelled really good too, and it was low in calories. There's a ton of it, so we have dinner tomorrow night as well. It was nice to eat a home-cooked meal after eating out for 11 days.
My tacos look thrown together. I need little stands to hold the taco shells up-they would photograph so much better.
I spent a lot of time playing this on my phone today. It's Angry Birds, and if you have an iPhone, here's a warning: It's VERY addictive! You have to launch these birds and try to smash those green guys. The birds do different things, but you have to use the birds provided.
This is from before I went on vacation, but I couldn't share it then. I made this bag for a friend who is having twins very soon. Her shower was on Saturday, so I wanted to wait until she actually got the bag, before I blogged it.

The bag is made from a Anna Maria Horner pattern. I've made a ton of those bags. They are easy, and I love them. I especially love the four outside pockets.

I think I will venture out tomorrow. Any guesses on where I shall go????

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