Friday, July 23, 2010


I was sort of productive today. I didn't clean anything out or anything, because my TV is working again. It was in some kind of funk yesterday, all day, so I cleaned out closets. Kevin got home from his Toastmaster's event and promptly fixed it. Oh well. I can't reach the damn box anyway. I am short. Today I worked on my quilt-the one I started last summer. My plan is to finish quilting it, and then work on the binding, and get it all finished. It can't be that hard right? Maya and I are going to love that quilt. She loves the one my mom and the one my MIL made for me. I think I may make her a tiny one, with scraps.
I am super happy with the colors in this quilt. I am just sewing straight lines. It's thick, but it's a lot easier than I thought it would be. It's also big.
Quinn and I made a trip to Michael's. We bought modeling paint (on clearance for $0.49) so that he could paint some of his Lego Clone Troopers. He saw something on Youtube where people have painted their Clone Troopers, and he was dying to try it. He made them look old and beat up. I'll take a picture tomorrow, when they are dry enough to put together. He's rather proud of himself. I'm glad, because I wasn't looking forward to trying to scrape that paint off.
I got 3 of the 4 cases I ordered for my new 4G iPhone. I don't have the phone yet. It should arrive on August 5, the day my mom and I return from Kentucky. I bought the white one and the dotted one from DS Styles. The black one, and a blue one that's still coming, I got from eBay for $2.99 and $3.99 plus free shipping! Score! Once I get the phone, I will take advantage of Apple's free bumper.

Here are the girls in their Mickey Mouse ears! They are a little small. I may split them up the back, so that they fit better. They are keychains. I took the keychain parts off.

Riley is due home from Scout camp tomorrow. We are all looking forward to his return. Kevin got an update from the cubmaster's wife. Riley earned his rifle merit badge. Apparently it's kind of difficult to get, but he did it. We are very proud.

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