Tuesday, July 27, 2010


I feel like all I did today was eat and make jewelry. I had lunch with a friend at the Prolific Oven. It was very yummy. I had a turkey, cheese, and avocado sandwich. I had dinner with another friend at PF Changs. I also had a yummy blue drink with dinner. In between, I made some jewelry.

The top one is long. It's made from paper beads which were made in Africa. It's long so I can wear it as a necklace, or as a bracelet wrap. The bottom one is made with my assortment of different shaped sequins. I like sequins. The middle one is the second bracelet I have made like that. It's just a leather cord bracelet and I have to thread the bead string through the bead and around the cording, and hold it together while I do this. It's tricky. I like that look. Macy's is selling some by Fossil right now, and they are asking $36.00!!

The boys spent the day with their Legos. Legos are big news around here. Tomorrow we are headed to Stanford (Lucille Packard Children's Hospital), for Quinn's yearly appointment with the endocrinologist. He's small. The doctors are concerned. Quinn's worried they will want to take blood. I feel fairly certain they will want to take blood. We will go to the Lego store afterward and buy him the 14X14 gray Lego board he wants-the boys are building some kind of Jedi Training Academy. Wish us luck with the doctor and being able to find that board. OH, and then Riley gets braces tomorrow!!! Pictures to follow!

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Teri said...

Hope everything went okay at the doc's office. We still have a huge bucket of Legos. Legos cure just about everything.