Thursday, July 22, 2010

Disneyland Day 3

Day 3 was not quite as hot as Day 2, or the first day. That first day we arrived, it was SUPER hot outside. It's hard to deal with crowds, and lines, and the heat. We took lots of breaks sitting in the shade.
This is Quinn on the Astro Orbiter. It's like Dumbo, but with rockets instead of elephants. He controlled how high or low we flew.
After we got our fast passes for the World of Color show, we rode Toy Story Mania. That is one of the best rides. It is so cool. Tons of fun, and they even updated one of the games you play, to include characters from Toy Story 3. Outside of the game is this big action figure toy box. That's what Quinn would look like if he were an action figure.
We rode Mulholland Madness, at DCA. This one is one of Quinn's favorite rides. I am getting used to it, but it still freaks me out. It's a roller coaster, and you are in this little 4 seater car thing. It whips around all of these turns, which make you feel like you are on the exact edge of the track, and you are super high. It freaks me out. We rode it twice, because the line was so short.
Check out those big balls! We were about to cross in this one section when the Disney employee asked us to move aside as "big rolling balls" would be coming by. Yep. Super cool. This is part of the Glow Fest going on at DCA every night. I really liked the Glow Fest. It's loud music, and dancers, and lights-a lot like a dance club.

After waiting in a big line to enter DCA in the morning, and then another lengthy line to get a fast pass, and an hour and 15 minute wait for the show to begin, the World of Color show was SPECTACULAR! It's lights, video, lasers, and lots and lots of WATER. That image is being projected onto water! This makes the Bellagio fountain show, in Las Vegas, look really sad. If you are going to Disneyland, make sure you get over to DCA to secure a fast pass for this show. It's awesome!

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