Friday, July 2, 2010

Yellowstone National Park-Day 3 Roadtrip

We spent the entire day in Yellowstone National Park. We drove all over the place. It was lots of fun! Here are some highlights, and then stay tuned, because this post is a double-wide.
Old Faithful! It was awesome, because we arrived and Old Faithful was set to erupt in about 10 minutes. We stood around with thousands of our closest friends. It was worth the 15 or so minutes we had to wait, as opposed to the 74 plus minutes we could have waited.
The gift shop in the lodge, near Old Faithful, was celebrating the 4th of July. Look! A lemonade stand! This is something we needed to find for our travel scavenger hunt, and we found one! We never thought we would! Awesome!
I just love how clean and clear these hot springs are-and HOT too! Some were around 170 degrees!
A pretty waterfall in the "Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone."

The Roosevelt Gate. This gate is the North entrance into the park, and it's located in Gardiner, MT. We stayed two nights here. We had the yummiest huckleberry ice cream, down the street from our hotel.

Read on...doublewide post below, and a link to the rest of our pictures.

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