Friday, July 9, 2010

Our Last Full Day of Vacation

Today was our last full day of vacation. We slept in just a little this morning, before leaving Idaho Falls. We saw a potato truck on the interstate, and it reminded us that we wanted to visit the potato museum, so we did! After the museum-it's pretty small-we continued on. We made it to Salt Lake City and detoured just outside town so that we could have lunch at Ruby Tuesday. After Ruby Tuesday, I got to visit a Hobby Lobby store!! After that, we just drove, and drove, and drove, and stopped for gas, and drove some more. We are in Winnemucca this evening, and tomorrow, we are homeward bound!
I let Quinn take pictures with my little camera yesterday, at the Museum of the Rockies. Most of his pictures are very blurry, and they are of weird things. This one is great though!
Here's the Idaho Potato Museum!
That's a really big potato!
This is the world's largest potato crisp. I don't know if it's cool or just kinda gross. They also have a potato signed by Dan Quayle-remember, he had that misspelling incident with the word potato.

Potato head toys!! Love them!

I don't have anymore pictures for you to click on. It was a rather slow picture day. We'll be home tomorrow, and back to our regularly scheduled lives. It's been a great vacation, but I am ready to be home, in my own bed.


Teri said...

A potato museum. Hmm. Actually, I would be kind of inclined to stop in, also. And you gotta love Mr. Potato Head!

賢林 said...

好棒的地方 我一定要常來~~~^^~..................................................................