Sunday, July 18, 2010

Disneyland or Bust

Quinn and I were out the door at 7:18 this morning! We made excellent time getting to Anaheim. There was very little traffic, at least until we hit the vicinity of Los Angeles. Even then, it slowed in one part where 5 merges with 10 and 60 to Pomona comes in, but after that, it was fine. It took exactly 6 hours. We are staying in a big castle. I'll have to post the picture tomorrow. We were in Disneyland by 1:30 pm. We rode Pirates of the Caribbean, and got a snack. We wandered around a little, and then headed over to Disney's California Adventure (DCA). It was HOT. Tomorrow is supposed to be cooler.
This is part of Glow Fest. It makes a nice colorful background for Mr. Quinn.
Tower of Terror! Quinn has promised to ride this with me tomorrow. It's an awesome ride.
Quinn, enjoying Flik's Flyers, in A Bug's Land.
The view of the lake etc. from the newly built plaza. This is where we will watch World of Color tomorrow night if I successfully secure us some fast passes.

This is also for World of Color. Isn't it cool?

More Disney tomorrow. The park opens at 8:00 am! We'll be there bright and early-it's the BEST time to ride rides, as it's a lot less crowded. Any answers to my picture problem from yesterday? You all are missing out on some more pictures.

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Re: it the amount of pictures or the "size" of the pictures? Did you try reducing the mp size?