Friday, July 2, 2010

Wild Life!

On our way into Yellowstone this morning, we were all hopeful that we'd see some wild life. Our day was in no way disappointing...
We saw elk right away, grazing on grass.
Pretty soon, we stumbled upon one bison. We were thrilled. This guy was crossing the road, right behind my car!
Imagine our excitement when we saw THIS sight this morning! HUNDREDS of bison. Look closely, you can see baby bison too! This was an incredible sight, and the bison did not seem bothered by the tourists stopping to take pictures. Wildlife is dangerous. Do not approach. We kept our distance, but they were RIGHT there!!
So we're driving along saying how we want to see a bear. We get stuck in a bunch of strange traffic-A BEAR!! Not just any bear either-I believe this is a grizzly bear, and it's a MOM!

Here are her cubs! So cute! We couldn't drive anywhere for all of the tourists blocking the road, so Kevin jumped out and took pictures and the boys and I watched them from the car. Later on in our day we saw two more bears-black bears.

If you get the chance to get to Yellowstone, I would highly recommend it! It was AWESOME! If you want to look at a whole lot more of our pictures, CLICK HERE.

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