Saturday, July 24, 2010

Exciting Saturday

Riley and his dirty clothes, got home safely today, around 2:00 pm. He came home with a horrible cough. I am not sure when it started. I know Kevin got a call from the cubmaster's wife that Riley had a cough and they gave him cough medicine. I'm not sure what day that was, this week. If he's still coughing on Monday, we will go see the doctor. I guess he didn't sleep so well-because of the cough, and he didn't care too much for the food, but other than that, he had a great time. They hiked, swam, earned merit badges, had free time, etc. Now he's home, and right back to being mean to his little brother. All is right with the world.
Quinn had a big day today too! He learned to ride his bike without training wheels (finally). Here he is putting his pedal in just the right spot so that he can take off. I guess Kevin took the training wheels off and Quinn got on the bike and rode it, with little assistance. We've known for a long time that he was ready, but Quinn didn't believe us. He spent this evening playing with the neighbor kids, riding his bike, showing off. All is right with the world.
He has some trouble getting started, but once he's on, he just rides and rides and rides. I'm not sure he can really turn right now. He'll have to practice that at the end of our court, where it's big and fat.

Go Quinn! He needs a new helmet. The monkey helmet is getting kinda small.

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