Monday, July 12, 2010

Monday, Monday

Our regularly scheduled summer is back in progress. Kevin went back to work today, and the boys and I busied ourselves with our normal summer activities. I ran a few errands-Michael's (I got a stencil for the Slow Summer Stitch Along I am participating in). I went to Macy's and I went to Target. I was so excited to go to Target. It had been awhile. However, it was not an enjoyable visit. I was almost run down (in the crosswalk) by a guy in a Mercedes who refused to stop for me, and then I had to deal with a screaming kid in Target. That kid was so freaking loud. I have no patience for unruly children in public. He could be heard all over the store! At one point the mother and sister had him on the ground, wrestling with him-nice. They put him in a shopping cart but he kept shrieking. He wasn't crying, just screaming at the top of his lungs at regular intervals. He was like 5 years old too! The mother shushed him a zillion times, but she was ineffective. It was really annoying and wrecked my Target Mojo-and probably everybody else's too. I may need to go back tomorrow, for a redo.
Quinn did some painting today. He painted a ceramic cupcake. He also has a gnome to paint.
Ta da! What a yummy looking cupcake. I'm wondering if it's huckleberry. We had lots of huckleberry stuff on our vacation. So yummy! We came home with some huckleberry jam.

Quinn also played some dress-up. I'm not sure what or who he is here. At one point he was a ninja, using his Darth Vader costume on backwards. He gave up when he didn't have the proper masking for his face.

Riley's gearing up for Scout camp. He's looking forward to it. He has to be packed by Thursday, with his gear dropped off at the Cubmaster's house sometime that day. They leave at 7 am Saturday morning. Any guesses on if he'll shower or change his underwear?