Thursday, July 22, 2010

Jedi Training Academy, AKA My Last Post Today (I Promise)

Be prepared. There are 4 posts today! I had to make up for the 3 posts I missed due to cruddy internet and being tired. You will NOT hear from me again until tomorrow. I promise. Anyway, Quinn did the Jedi Training Academy at Disneyland. It's a show which involves audience participation. The boys always like to watch this show, but neither one ever wants to participate. Quinn told me he wanted to do it, so we went over for the first show. We were 45 minutes early, and got a prime location. I had Quinn wear his cool hat so that he would be noticed. It worked! He got chosen!!
Quinn, super excited that he was chosen (along with about 20 other kids) to participate in the Jedi Training Academy, with a "real" Jedi Master. He also scored a prime training spot on the stage.
He was also pretty thrilled that he got a blue light saber. Doesn't he look professional?
UH OH! It's all fun and games until Darth Vader arrives to test the new Jedis.
Darth Maul arrived as well!! Well, he's just pure evil.

Quinn got to battle Darth Maul. I am happy to report, he won!!

He got a certificate at the end of the show. He was so excited about it. It was pretty awesome.
If you want to see the rest of the Jedi Training pictures, CLICK HERE.

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