Sunday, July 25, 2010

Sunday at the Park

We took a walk to a newly renovated park today, sort of near our house. We decided to make a family event out of it, and we took the dog. That dog loves to walk, or rather pull us along. She's funny.
This park has always been here, but they had a pretty pathetic playground previously. Oh, ignore the lovely gang related graffiti on the sign. Lovely.
The new structure is pretty cool. Quinn is at the top of this really strange slide-he had to go down with his feet over the outside edge. Weird. He said it kinda hurt too.
Proof that Riley is home from camp! He doesn't really like me taking his picture.

Isn't this a cool structure?
The boys are standing on these little circular platforms.
Rock climbing.
Rock sitting.

Maya doesn't look like she's having much fun. She likes to walk, but she doesn't like to stop for awhile.

I am finished quilting my quilt! I just need to do the binding, and it will be finished! Yay me!

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