Thursday, July 22, 2010

Disneyland Day 2

The hotel had really cruddy internet. I had a post all planned, my pictures chosen, but it was super slow on Monday night, so it didn't post. I figured I would try again on Tuesday night, but Tuesday night there was no getting internet at all. I hate that. Anyway, so that's why I haven't blogged for three days. We got home late last night, and I was too tired, and too fried from the traffic, to post. I slept instead. Lucky you though, because I will make up for those three days today.
This is Quinn on Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, on Monday. He LOVES this ride. It is pretty fun. It makes me nervous as there have been problems on this ride-people have died. Granted, I believe it was the fault of the people in at least one of the incidents. You just can't stand up on a moving roller coaster. Anyway, I trust Disney, but this ride still makes me nervous.
We were finally able to score a picture with the Lego Woody. You would not believe the crowds for pictures with him! This is in Downtown Disney, in the Lego store there. Both boys love this place. It's funny too, because we have a Lego store at a mall near us-same exact thing, but they go nuts for this one. Maybe it's the fact that sometimes their very generous grandparents are there to purchase stuff for them?
Quinn and I walked all the way through Downtown Disney, to the Disneyland Hotel. I love this place! It's so nice. Isn't that giant Mickey sorcerer's hat cool? Quinn loved the swimming pool. He kept saying, "We have to stay here next time."
This painting is in the lobby of the Disneyland Hotel. As you can tell, Quinn did talk me into something from the Lego store-but it's just three little men that he built himself, and a keychain.

The Matterhorn. Quinn loves this ride too. I like it ok, but it's super bumpy-like a bobsled. The Yeti inside is cool, but not quite as cool as the Yeti inside the Everest ride at Disney's Animal Kingdom, in Disney World.

I tried resizing my pictures to see if I can add more than 5-I couldn't. I had an awesome picture of Mickey's hat, from the inside. I tried to upload all of my pictures to Flickr this morning, but they changed something, and I can't seem to select all of the pictures at once, to upload. I would have to put them in one at a time. Frustrating. I am having some technical issues today.

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