Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Another Wednesday

One project down, one more to go! Quinn has an egg project due Friday. He had to design something in which to place an egg, and keep it from breaking, when dropped from a ladder. Riley is working on his Illinois float. Pictures of that to come soon. We-er, I mean HE is halfway done with it.
Here's Quinn holding his egg contraption. The egg is in a plastic bag (per teacher request, for obvious reasons), then it was wrapped in bubble wrap. The bubble wrapped egg was then placed inside two smaller plastic cups, filled with Trix (yes, they are for kids, and egg projects). The two cups were taped together, wrapped in bubble wrap, and placed inside the two bigger cups. The leftover space was filled with more Trix. The cups were taped together and then tape was wrapped around the ends of the cups for durability. We'll see if it keeps the egg safe. Quinn and I googled ideas for his contraption. It led us to Youtube. There are TONS of videos there!
Up close. Oh and don't worry, we are storing the contraption in the fridge. We wouldn't want that egg to get warm and yucky. The project isn't due until Friday.
I lied to you, and I am very, very sorry. I said I was using Heather Bailey fabric for my Quilt Along project. I was, I really was. I had every intention, as I love her fabric. But...then...I found these fabrics! That lime green is my most favorite color in the world, and I especially love it with black and white. I had wanted this fabric to begin with, but couldn't find enough of it, or any place that had ALL of it. I was browsing etsy one evening, and presto! I found a shop that carried it. She had the whole family in fat quarters. I messaged her and asked if she had half yards. She did! Yay! I got it today. Good thing, cuz it's time for the second step, cutting!

Aren't they pretty? I love them. I am washing them even as I type. I will cut them into two and a half inch strips over the weekend.

Word of the Day: Numbers. Today, in class, we did some math, called "Broken Calculator." The problems involved showing a number, such as 8, with a number "broken" on the calculator, like 8. The kids then had to show how to make 8, in any math way, without using 8 in the problem (remember, that key was broken). The kids LOVED it! I had a few that were stumping me with negative numbers! Yes, I have a student (a 2nd grader) who understands negative numbers! The next kid I called on used a decimal to get to 8! Oh my gosh. It was lots of fun though. I loved it, because they were all so excited about math! We'll use that game again.

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noelle said...

OMG I love those fabrics... now I think I need to go find a purse w/ those colors!!