Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Hey Wow! Today Was Jam-packed!

I think I have officially begun my life as a mother of a teen. Riley is only 11, but he has joined the cell phone community. His first phone call? From AT&T, wanting to sell him ringtones! We had "the talk" about that one. More on that adventure later in the post. Today was filled with other loveliness as well.
Look at how sweet these little guys are! I ordered these off of Etsy the other day. They came from Variation. They are so adorable, I can hardly stand it! For those of you from school, I will have them with me tomorrow. You have to see them live.
I made a trip to the Sephora at Stoneridge today, after school. I finally narrowed down my perfume choices. I had posted on Facebook, asking for recommendations. Several recommended Philosophy, and then last night, when I was at the snack shack, one of the other moms was wearing a fragrance I really liked. I asked her what it was (is that creepy?) and she told me it was amazing grace by Philosophy. That clenched it. I went in search. Macy's at our mall doesn't carry it (of course, cuz that would be too easy). The closest Sephora, is in Pleasanton. Well, there is one in Palo Alto, but the traffic would have been really bad getting home. Anyway, I went to Pleasanton, and ta da! They had it. I also bought the other bottle of perfume, which is vanilla coconut by Lavanilla. Right now I stink. I smell like too many perfumes. I know they have those little paper things for testing and smelling, but I have to smell it on me. Hence my current stench. I'm making myself sneeze.
Have you ever tried this? My mom gave me this for Mother's Day last year. It's kai, body butter. It smells so so good. I went to their website, and guess what? They have it in a perfume!! Of course, the nearest retailers of this brand are in Palo Alto or Santa Clara, so it may be a trip for the weekend. If you have not tried this, find a retailer, and take a whiff. It is an amazingly fresh scent! Summery and cool.
The big news of the night? Riley got a cell phone. Look at the pure joy on his face. He's becoming a lot more independent, doing more on his own-especially with the scouts. He will also be walking home next school year, as he will be a 6th grader (I CAN NOT believe that). He is under strict guidelines for using the phone, and he won't take it to school this year, and he won't break it either. We will practice using it, at the baseball field, when he goes off on his own. I guess this is the beginning of having a teen. Oh gosh. Am I ready?

A closer look. It's the Pantech Matrix. It has a slideout keyboard for text messaging. I wanted him to have that feature so that next year he can text me when he's home, instead of calling. He's growing up. It's exciting and scary as hell. He is happy as a clam.

Word for the Day: Vote. CA had a special election today. Perhaps other states had a special election as well, I don't know. All of the propositions on the ballot had to do with spending in CA. Several will benefit our schools, if they pass. If they don't pass, the cuts to education will be even deeper. I am already dreading the changes planned for next year. Deeper cuts would be horrible. I will be watching the news tonight, to see how people voted. We'll see.

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