Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Today, after school, I drove over to Niles-a district in Fremont, for you non-locals. It's historic, famous for Charlie Chaplin-go ahead do the walk, you know you want to. He had a studio there, and filmed some of his silent movies there. I visited My Friends and I, a great shop in Niles-one of many antique stores. The shop is full of antiques and other treasures. It was a successful trip.
I bought two "Jars of Junk." That's how they were labeled! I kid you not. The name was fitting. Each jar was filled to the brim with unwanted treasures: buttons, jewelry bits, beads, etc. I plan on using what I can for some jewelry.
Here's the first jar, all spread out and organized.

The second jar, spread out and organized. What fun!!

Word of the Day: Daiso. I made another trip to Daiso today for some goodies for school. We have to make flowers for the Volunteer Tea. I went to get my supplies for those, and some tin foil for another project. I love that place!

2nd Word of the Day: Finished! I am finished with my leadership responsibilities for scouts. Don't get me wrong, I really enjoyed the boys, but it was just too much, being in charge and planning the meetings. It was fun, but I am glad I am finished. Two other parents will take over in the fall. I will still take Quinn, because he loves it. I'm willing to help out, but I don't want to lead any longer. The boys all earn their Tiger badge, and bridge to Wolves next month.

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Valerie said...

Great way to jump start my summer time homesickness Julie! My Friends and I is Home to me- was my Mom there? sniff sniff.