Friday, May 29, 2009

Are You Sick of Eggs Yet?

Happy weekend everyone! Why is it that short weeks go by so slowly? Ah, well, the weekend is here, and all is good.
I know you are probably sick to death of hearing about the boys' projects. Bear with me (oh and it is bear, not bare. I googled it. If I had written it bare, it would have meant undress with me-not going there. Google it yourself if you don't believe me).  We are almost done with said project(s)! Quinn took his egg contraption to school today, wearing his new egg shirt. He looks downright terrified in this picture. Really, I don't beat my kids. He just chooses to pose in the most unusual ways. 

Here's the traditional "cool man" look. From what I gathered from Quinn and my friend Emily, the mom of his buddy/classmate, Quinn's egg seemed to survive the initial drop from the ladder, but it broke "a little" while unpacking it. Yeah, we used a lot of tape, oh and a lot of cereal. It made a mess. He he he.

Word of the Day: Dance! I really wish I could sing and dance. I went to a dance recital for a little girl in my class. I like to go to their events. The thing is, I don't get invited all that often. I felt like a rock star! She was so excited that I was there. Sweet. It really was my pleasure though. Super cute. Makes me miss all the things I'm missing without having a girl child. Ah well, not sure I want to go through the pregnancy, teensy baby thing again, so I'm happy and content with my boys. Some day, grandgirls!!

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