Sunday, May 31, 2009

Maker Faire

I had no plans for this morning. We had dinner plans for tonight, but again, we have a sick kid. Pisses me off too! It's Quinn. He just got over the flu, and now he has it again. He told me that one day last week, there were 6 kids out in his class. During the week, kids were sent home, for throwing up (you aren't allowed to do that at school and then stay there). I guess it's Quinn's turn, again. Tomorrow, I'll let the school know that they need to disinfect that classroom. It's too late in the school year for this. Quinn will most likely stay home tomorrow-and he'll most likely miss his last tee-ball game of the season. Grrrr. He needs to be well by Thursday, as he's in the talent show at school Thursday, and Friday night. It's so annoying.
While Quinn was home, sick, Riley and I decided to go to the Maker Faire. It was pretty darn cool. Lots of homemade things big and small. Really cool. This car is decorated with pens. All pens.
Soda bottles. Riley stood in the middle of it, and we took his picture. I posted it on Facebook.
Giant Light Bright. 
This is the coolest thing ever! R2D2! There's a club, and the members make their own R2D2's. How cool is that?

Riley is building Legos on a jeep. If you want to see more of our photos, GO HERE.

Word of the Day: Nice. It was really deceiving this morning, the weather. It was cloudy and kind of cold. Riley and I wore sweatshirts to the Maker Faire, but we really didn't need them. It was pretty near perfect outside. Not too cold, not too hot, a nice, gentle breeze. It was a good day to walk around the faire, even though it was crammed with people. 

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