Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day 2009

Today, Memorial Day, is a holiday in memory of all of those soldiers who have given their lives in times of war. It kind of really makes you think about those who choose to serve our country in the military. My dad is retired Navy-yes, I am a Navy brat. He served in Vietnam. Of course, he ran the rec. center, in Vietnam. He didn't participate in any fighting. I can't say that I'm not too happy about that one. I was lucky to grow up with my father. Many children of military dads, don't get that chance. So on this day, I celebrated all that is special to me. Family and friends. I love you all very much!

That said, the day did not keep me from getting my craft on! I made these. They are tic tac toe games for the boys, for when we travel. The box is from Daiso. It's metal. The top is the game board, and the pieces (magnetic) can be stored inside the box, as demonstrated in the picture. I made the magnets myself, and I used rub-ons to make the game board, and to decorate the sides of the boxes. 
Recognize the tops of the magnets? Those are those little, flat, clear marbles for putting inside vases. I used my Diamond Glaze to adhere pictures of skulls and crossbones (the circles and x's) to the flat side. I cut the pictures from scrapbook paper. I then glued a magnet to the back of that, using E6000. I love that stuff. Easy peasy. Can you see the skulls and crossbones? 

I also made these little bird magnets. Same procedure. If you can operate glue, you can make these.

Word of the Day: Hysterical. Quinn's two buddies came over today for awhile. They are in the talent show at school together. I can't really share what they are doing just yet, but you can rest assured, the video will be posted here. The show is June 5. They have a rehearsal on Wed. after school. They were very cute. They had us moms laughing. 

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Raquel Rivera Shank said...

looking forward to seeing that video!!
and I love your magents. Can't believe i've never been to Daiso. Have got to go!