Saturday, May 16, 2009

More Button Bracelets

It is frickin' hot today!! Quinn had a baseball game at 1:00 pm. It was ridiculously hot. I felt really bad for the ball players. They had to run around in the heat, and they have long pants, and really long socks-well Quinn's are extremely long for his size. The parents were all crowded on bleachers, behind umbrellas which only gave a limited amount of shade. Luckily, there was one shady spot. Gradually, more and more adults migrated back to the shade. We were so happy to get to the air conditioned car, and then the air conditioned house!

I made these three bracelets last night. The top two have vintage buttons on them, and the bottom one is made with vintage plastic stacking flowers. I ordered some more of these flowers today, so I can make some more of these bracelets for my shop.

Word for the Day: Casino! Tonight is Casino Night. It's put on by our baseball league-a fundraiser. We went last year and it was tons of fun. It ends pretty early though, so Kevin and I are hosting the after party.

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