Sunday, May 17, 2009

Sunday, Sunday

We had a lot of fun at Casino Night last night. They had a big turnout, but it was hot in the building. It started at 6 pm, and they didn't start the buffet until 7:30. They had a limited supply of appetizers, but some of us were ready to eat upon our arrival. Overall, it was still quite fun. My baseball friends are so much fun!
You may be wondering what all of these items have in common, or what the heck is going on?Well, Illinois is what they have in common. Riley is doing his state report for 5th grade. He got Illinois, which is cool, because he has been there. Chicago was a stop on our roadtrip last summer, remember? As part of the written report, he also has to make a parade float. He must include 10 items which represent Illinois. So far, he has collected the box for the float, a rather big cardinal (state bird), a miniature Sears Tower from our visit there last summer, the Illinois state flag (another trip memento), and Barrack Obama-being that he was senator for the state. We have some other ideas we are working out, involving corn, soybeans and Abraham Lincoln.
Here's what has been going on, this lazy, hot Sunday afternoon. Quinn, playing Wii-before his gushing bloody nose!

Riley looking at Pokemon videos on Youtube. Perhaps his time would have been better spent cleaning up his messy room. Look closely though, because his bed IS made.

Word for the Day: YUM! We met up with some friends today for lunch at Amber India in Mountain View. It was really good. You have to love an Indian lunch buffet. It was hot outside, but beautiful. On our way to pick up the boys, we saw the blimp from Moffet Field. They have this blimp there, and the company will give people rides, with aerial views of the Bay Area, for a mere $500 per person. It's usually a plain white color, but today it had an advertisement on it for Disney/Pixar's UP.

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Valerie said...

You can not have an Illinois report without corn, soybeans or age Lincoln! Those are the top 3 things that Illinois I'd most proud of and known for... I know since I live here now ( going on 3 years and that is still so strange to say! )