Thursday, May 21, 2009

The Joy of Cats

Kevin sent the following pictures to me today. I was wondering where the little paw prints on my window, were coming from. Now I know.
Matilda. What? You want I should move? Kevin came across her, ON MY CAR, when he was taking the boys to school. I hadn't left yet (nothing new there-the closer to summer, the later I get to school), so I didn't see her.

Can you see her hair all over the hood? Yes, she looks adorable, but I don't like the paw prints on the window.

Word for the Day: Humble. I got a really nice card/gift from a parent today. The card was so touching. It made me think. I go to school, day after day, and I do my job. I often forget that I make a difference in the lives of my students. Students will love their teachers unconditionally, no matter what. They will write cute little notes, give hugs, basically remind you daily that they love you. That is a great power. Teachers can use that power to better the students, to motivate them, and to help them thrive and love school. Or, the power could be used to tear them down, take away who they are, break them. Unfortunately, that happens. Teachers like that have no business teaching. I choose to build my students up. I hope that I instill in them a love for learning, and enthusiasm and joy when they come to school. I get great reward in their accomplishments. I must never lose sight of the power and responsibility of a teacher.

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Teri said...

My kids have had some wonderful, life-enhancing teachers throughout the years. I appreciate you and your profession. Thanks!