Monday, May 18, 2009

I'm Glad Today Is Over!

Ever have one of those days where all you do is run, all day long? Yeah, I had one of those. It started with school. It's Teacher Appreciation week this week, so the parents served breakfast for us-and they will continue to serve us breakfast all week! It was YUMMY! That was the best part, because after that, it was run run run. I'm planning a last minute field trip, so I had to get all of my paperwork in, as the parents need four weeks notice. It's exactly four weeks from today. I had a situation with a student in which I spent my entire morning collecting and coordinating 12 missing assignments, which needed finishing. I spoke with a parent. I have a new student, who speaks very limited English, and I can't get any sense of what she can do as she still won't talk to me. We had a stupid fire drill, which rolled over our recess-AGAIN! Oh and in between all of this, I am attempting to teach. Finally got through the teaching day, and then had to leaflet, right after school, for the special election tomorrow. Many propositions on the ballot that have to do with education. Went home for a brief time as I needed Tums-bloated feeling (TMI?). I then headed to the baseball field for my snack shack duty. I was there from 4 pm until almost 8pm, serving up nachos and pretzels. Everybody wanted a frickin' pretzel tonight! Finally, I was finished, so I quick ran to Target, and then home. Whew! I just finished my dinner too.
Look at this though! Here are the shoes I bought at Target!!! Cute? You like? I like.

Here's another view of them. Just drink them in.

Word for the Day: Liar. Quinn told me tonight that a boy in his class called the teacher a liar. He's covering his mouth as he's telling me-in shock I guess. Have I ever told you that I have the two biggest rule followers EVER? Oh yeah. It was a big deal for Riley, especially in preschool. He could not grasp the concept of pushing the limits, and why the other kids didn't follow directions. Anyway, I digress. So Quinn is covering his mouth in sheer horror, so I asked him what happened after the boy called the teacher a liar. He said he got sent to the principal's office. I guess so. It's super refreshing to know that these things happen to other teachers, and not just to me.


just joey... said...

No better way to end a crazy day than with shoes! Too cute!

Valerie said...

I got the braided black model of the cute Target shoes today! They are so cute and I am shocked at the comfort level- I love thema nd may have to drive 40 miles to the next clossest Target to find them in brown!

Raquel Rivera Shank said...

score on those shoes!