Tuesday, May 26, 2009


I can't take credit for the following AWESOME pictures. They were shot by a guy named Dave. He was on the whale watching trip with us. Friends of my BIL/SIL. Anyway, he took some amazing pictures. I could have posted a ton of his pictures, but they are his. I stole these two though.
Dolphin. They were jumping out of the water all over the place! I couldn't get a picture. Apparently, Dave could. He had lots like this one. I love this one though.

LOOOOOOK! See? This is what the whales were doing. Pushing their heads up, to get the fish. Is this not the coolest thing ever? I love it! This is an excellent picture. I don't know who Dave is, but I am glad he was quicker with his camera than I was! 

Word of the Day: Open House (2 again). Our Open House is tonight. I am going to go get changed and head over there pretty soon. I have to go early or I won't be able to park. Big school. Quinn is playing baseball tonight. I didn't get to go :-(. Riley is going to go with me to my Open House though. I think he'll enjoy seeing the kids, and he can compare his science fair project with those of our students. 

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Love these pix!