Saturday, May 23, 2009

It's Pattern Time!

Saturday. Oh how I love a Saturday. I slept until almost 10:30 am. We went to see Night at the Museum Battle of the Smithsonian. We all liked it. It's not quite as good as the first one, but there are some very funny parts. After that, we just came home and hung around. I made a trip to Jo-Ann's because Sheri told me they had Simplicity patterns on sale, 5 for $5! She also gave me her 10% off coupon, good for all purchases, including sale items. Thanks Sheri!
Here are two of the patterns I purchased. Bags. I love bags. Look at how fun the first one is! Love it!
Here are the other three. Sheri got the one at the top left-it has serger/sewing machine covers, organization hangers, and round fabric containers. I love the little round, fabric containers! I don't think you can see the containers that well though. Try clicking the picture bigger. Then there's the pattern for pajama bottoms/tops. Great for the kids and I! I love those sleep pants! I could not resist the softie pattern. I love the elephant, and the giraffe.

Here's the quilt top that I started when Riley was a baby. My mom and I took a quilting class together. I got the whole thing sewn together, and started the hand quilting. Like I said yesterday, that is a tedious, time consuming task. Perhaps I'll leave it out, then I can work on it while I'm watching TV. Gasp! But then...I would have to not be on the computer to do that. Oh my. Decisions, decisions.

Word of the Day: Strange. I went up to our junky mall tonight. I needed to go to Macy's (they didn't have what I was looking for-of course), so I decided to brave the weekend mall crowd, and walk down to Sears. I am on a quest to find Hannah Montana perfume for my mom-don't tell her, even though I am sure I just did. On the way, I nearly got run over by a train. YES, IN THE MALL! It is driven, freely, all along the bottom floor of the mall! It blows this stupid whistle, and kids can ride on it. Sounds like great fun for kids until the day he actually HITS someone! I think our mall has jumped the shark. Just saying.

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Gramma Bonnie said...

hint hint..I looked at Macy's for Hannah Montanna perfume..they said to go to WalMart...:)